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Building your dream home is a financial and emotional commitment and one which De Waal Developments takes seriously. We are a small volume home builder and we treat each customer like they are family, being responsive to needs and directly available to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We analyze every detail of your home along the way the find out what works best for you and your home. We strive to use the best materials that last the longest and have the best warranties. Our homes are built sustainable and energy efficient and start with an Energuide 84 rating at no additional cost to you. You start saving on your utility bills right away and you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. A De Waal home is a home for life.
We achieve this high level of energy efficiency through our 5 point approach. These 5 points are fully integrated and work together as one system.

  1.  Highly Efficient Mechanical System

  2.  Highly Insulated Building Envelope

  3.  Air tight Construction Techniques

  4.  Passive Solar Design

  5.  Renewable Energy 

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