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About De Waal

De Waal Developments is an award winning "home” builder in the Edmonton area. Our focus is innovative design and construction of high performance energy efficient homes. At De Waal we are proud of our accreditations and awards, because it means we can promise you a degree of quality and service simply not offered by other builders.

Koen De Waal, who has a Civil Engineering  degree from Holland, had a vision and desire to build custom homes that are of a higher standard not prohibitively expensive with innovative and energy efficient concepts. Koen is passionate about building “homes of the future” that are high performance, smarter, desirable and easy to live in.

About Our Homes

Our high performance homes are smarter, healthier to live in, provide greater comfort, built more sustainably and energy efficient. We are a small volume home builder and we treat each customer like they are family, being responsive to needs and directly available to our clients is of the utmost importance to us. We analyze every detail of your home along the way the find out what works best for you and your home.

We strive to use the best materials that last the longest and have the best warranties. Our homes are built sustainable and energy efficient so you start saving on your utility bills right away and you significantly reduce your carbon footprint. A De Waal home is a home for life.

We achieve this high level of energy efficiency through our 5 point approach. These 5 points are fully integrated and work together as one system

Highly Efficient Mechanical System

Highly Insulated Building Envelope

Air tight Construction Techniques

Passive Solar Design

Renewable Energy

Step 1:

  • Estimate construction cost
  • Rough idea of size and desired layout
  • Look for lot and review: zoning bylaw, orientation, setbacks, and surrounding
  • Create design and construction agreements

Step 2:

Design Agreement

  • Site plan and surveyed
  • Plans created by residential designer
  • Energy model made to optimize cost of mechanical systems
  • Surveyor plans plot, structural engineer draws out plans
  • Truss and floor suppliers engineer floor and roof plans
  • De Waal provide technical input and buildability review
  • 3D model of exterior presented

Step 3:

Construction Agreement

  • Cost finalized
  • Set up warranty program
  • Apply for appropriate permits and then construct
  • Ongoing detailed design
  • Final walk-through, deficiencies review, possession

Estimated Timelines

  • Cost estimate based on specs and components of home: 2-4 weeks
  • Design contract: 2 weeks
  • Design: 2-4 months, depending on revisions
  • Construction contract: 2-4weeks
  • Development permit: 4-8 weeks (start work on foundation when permit in place)
  • Building permit: 2-6 weeks after receiving development permit
  • Construction: minimum 6-7 months for small home


DeWaal Developments is a member of the National Home Warranty and follow requirements set by the Albertan government. The first year of warranty includes finishes throughout the home such as any defects in flooring, paint or trim. The first two years includes defects related to heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. For  information on our full warranty click here


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