Linguistic Definition of NET ZERO or ZERO NET Energy Home

What is a net zero home? If that is a question which has ever bothered you then it’s your lucky day. We are going to explore the whole concept behind Net Zero Homes.

Linguistic Definition of NET ZERO or ZERO NET

Well as you may already have a vague idea, the name implies that essentially the summation of all the variables resulting in zero. To put that into perspective of Net Zero Homes, it is the conservation of energy in a way that homes do not consume more energy than they produce hence having a net zero effect. Homes which are built this way are often referred to as Zero Energy Homes (ZEH) or Zero Net Energy Homes.

Are They Different From Traditional Homes?

In a nutshell no, net zero homes are essentially the same except they are built with energy conservation in mind. So they are constructed using the highest forms of insulation, energy efficient appliances and have some alternate source of energy generation included such as Solar Panels.

The home generates as much energy as it consumes over the course of a year,  energy produced  is sent over to the electric grids which gets credited in the bills. energy used is deducted from the credit you received on the energy sent over to the grid, thereby at the completion of the year you would have no energy costs except for the cost of connection to the grid.



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