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Letter to the Editor

Recognizing best building practices

Sybille Wansum

Having built our house a few years ago, I know that building can be stressful not only for the owner, but also for the surrounding neighbors. Currently, there are four building sites within the radius of a block from our home.

While it is exciting to see the rejuvenation of the neighborhood, so many projects have given us a chance to compare building practices and think about which ones are preferable from the perspectives of both a home owner and the neighbors.

One of the more impressive construction projects is by DeWaal Developments on 75 avenue and 116 street for the following reasons:

  1. They inform the neighbors about what they are doing.
  2. A sign identifying the builder doing the project is posted.
  3. A safety fence was erected around the construction site as soon as the project started.
  4. Their trades have been lined up most efficiently so changes in the building process are seen on a daily basis.
  5. The building site is organized and clean with a portable toilet on site.
  6. The construction workers are respectful and friendly to people walking by, especially school kids on their way to school.

By recognizing these best building practices and the builders who do them, maybe we can influence the future projects that will be inevitably be planned in Belgravia.

Editor’s Note: If you have a ‘best building practice’ story to share with your fellow Belgravians, please email it to


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